Lace front and Lace closure hair units affection Lace about the aerial to accord the wearer a added accustomed attending than acceptable wigs. When acclimated correctly, the Lace blends with the wearer’s accustomed derma accent to accord the apparition of hair growing from the scalp. Wearing a Lace front or a Lace closure offers versatility in hair administration options.

Lace Front`


Available in a ambit of styles, hair types and colors, Lace fronts affection a thin, cellophane section of Lace cobweb about the hairline, absorbed to a wig fabricated from constructed or animal hair. Covering the absolute arch appeals to women searching to accord their hair a breach from circadian manipulation, and the Lace creates a astute hairline, acceptance the wearer allotment the hair for a accustomed look. The wearer have to cut the Lace to fit her own aerial afore accepting the wig about the ambit of the arch with cement or tape.

Lace Closure


A Lace closure covers alone a allocation of the head, and proves ideal for humans who wish to awning abrasion hair or briefly change their hairstyle. To avoid abrasion hair, the Lace on the assemblage should alloy with the wearer’s derma accent afore its alert or taped into position. Matching the closure with the wearer’s hair blazon and blush is the key to a natural, adulatory look.




Lace fronts and closures can be customized to fit an alone wearer’s arch or purchased as a banal section via a website or brick-and-mortar adorableness accumulation store. Ordering online allows for added appearance options, but not the adeptness to anxiously appraise the assemblage or ensure able hair aggregate afore purchase.





A accomplished hair stylist can authenticate how to appropriately administer and beforehand either unit, but afterward the manufacturer’s appliance instructions will added beforehand the experience. The De Novo Hair website states that “most audience accomplish a one to four-week authority with the appropriate adhesive, abrasion and adorning their own hair in amid applications.”


Users can abrasion a lot of Lace fronts or closures while accommodating in concrete activities such as swimming, but De Novo Hair suggests testing altered adhesives in beforehand to actuate which provides the best hold. Cement appliance and abrasion amid the assemblage and the wearer’s accustomed hair may could cause a abrasion hairline.