Although cheaper, lighter in weight and added fade-resistant than animal hair wigs, constructed hair needs to be professionally restyled, should you ambition to change your look. Wigs created from animal hair, however, can be calmly restyled at home or by your hairdresser, to actualize new looks in the aforementioned way as you would appearance accustomed hair. Accomplish over your absolute hairstyle, align your animal hair wig and actualize a accomplished new attending with just a little effort.

Place the wig assimilate the wig stand. Application a wide-toothed adjust or wig brush, besom the wig acclaim to abolish any tangles. Start from the hair tips and plan appear the top in sections. Mist with a little baptize or wig conditioner to accomplish the assignment easier.


Fill a bore with balmy baptize and add 1 tsp. wig shampoo. Swirl the baptize able-bodied to ensure that the absterge is dispersed.


Turn the wig central out and abode it into the sink. Acclaim beat it in a bouncing motion until all of the hair is absolutely blood-soaked with baptize and shampoo. Leave the wig to blot for 5 minutes

Remove the wig from the bore and abandoned the bedraggled water. Bathe the bore to ensure that there is no absterge residue. Refill it with air-conditioned water。

Place the wig aback into the bore and beat it acclaim to bathe out the shampoo. Repeat in beginning baptize several times until all the absterge has been absolutely removed.

Refill the bore with baptize and add a teaspoon of wig conditioner. Abode the wig into the baptize and beat again. Abolish it from the baptize and bathe off the conditioner.

Squeeze out the baptize from the wig acclaim and abode it assimilate a towel. Application a additional towel, blemish it to blot balance water.

Place the wig assimilate a wig stand. Working from the hair tips, abode a roller in position and acclaim cycle the hair about it. Secure the roller in abode application two roller pins. Repeat this action until the absolute wig has been rollered. Allow the wig to either dry by itself in the air or use a hairdryer on its everyman calefaction setting.

Remove the rollers afresh acclaim agitate hake the wig. Besom the hair afresh application a wig brush, and the anew straightened wig is accessible to wear