Wigs acquiesce you to try a new hairstyle or change your attending after acid or dying your hair. They as well advice humans with medical issues such as Alopecia and hair-loss from chemotherapy. The two a lot of accepted types of wigs are the wefted cap and the monofilament top, or address top, a added natural-looking wig. Address top applique wigs are fabricated of constructed materials, horse hair, absolute or animal hair, and ambit in price.


 The aerial of address top applique wigs has a arduous section of applique with hand-tied knots. The applique foreground is airy to the eye and makes the hair arise to appear beeline out of the scalp. The knots are hand-tied to abstain the attending of even rows that bargain wigs cause




 Address top applique wigs accept a micro-mesh applique admit that protects the attic from cutting knots fabricated by wefting. This prevents affliction on the attic and bloom about the hairline. Address top applique wigs appear with four or 5 band spots for added comfort. Band spots are tabs central the cap of the wig fabricated from agleam plastic. You can attach double-sided band to the tabs to anticipate the wig from affective or slipping



Because of the accustomed actualization accomplished with address top applique wigs, they are generally beat by women — and some men — who accept absent their hair due to medical issues. Address top applique wigs are generally referred to as medical wigs, although anyone can abrasion them. Unlike wefted cap wigs, you can allotment address top applique wigs anywhere on the crown